Gargano and Vieste coast

mare Gargano Vieste

If you cam to Vieste del Gargano, you can admire the coast, the beaches, and also the forest. There are a lot of restaurant and you can heat fisch. Near our residence there is a big market, and all you need to discover that place like “scoot” bike center or many different tipe of excursion, hors, bike, jeep and soo on.
In our residence you can take also kayak at ¬100 for a weak, is a best way to descover the coast of Vieste or all the beach from Vieste to Peschici.
At the port of Vieste it’s possible to rent motorboat
Vieste is in the far east part of Gargano. If you come to Vieste, you can admire all the different aspects of our enviroment. From the typical Mediterranean coast, where the pines grow just near the sea; to the vineyards, which change their colour according to the season.
The most fascinating part is tor sure the coast 30km long; High rocks and sandy beaches contribute to add colours and beauty to this wonderful part of Puglia.